“One of the most talented writers on both hemispheres. When someone uses a personal story to teach something marketing related I call it a ‘Brian Lenney'” 

~A 33-year-old former gambler, heavy smoker, and full stack inbound marketing survival ninja from Germany

“Lenney is the guy who storytells the heck out of everything. And he is freaking awesome at it.”

~A 24-year-old male CMO from Russia that loves booze (especially stout beer, Belhaven for the win!) and DIY-stuff, and hates marketing (suddenly) and marketers

“A Beardy bloke who writes good stuff.”

~ A 30-year-old female who lives and works in a seaside town in the North-West of the UK. She writes, reads, lifts weights, loves vino and cheese. Oh and she worships at the altar of Beyonce 🙂

“Lenney’s the one who gave me the basic fundamentals on how to launch my freelance career. Looks like he’s a nice guy, doesn’t try to sell you most of the time, and even answers directly if you’re in his list”

~A 29-year-old, Italian, world traveler, who graduated in Political Science and then got a master’s in international relations, worked several jobs before realizing he didn’t want to be a salaried man, but rather a creator and an entrepreneur

“The unique ability to combine storytelling with conversion copywriting…”

Tara Robertson Sprout Social“Brian has the unique ability to combine storytelling with conversion copywriting. Not only will you get engaging content, but you’ll also be wow’d with his ability to deliver key results. If you’re looking for someone who can write full-stack copy, match your brand voice, and write for results, look no further. I’d hire him again any day!”

Tara Robertson
Director, Marketing Strategy & Operations, Sprout Social

“Willing to take risks and push the limits…”

David Darmanin Hotjar

“Brian is a passionate and incredibly creative writer. He knows how to tell a story and capture attention both in writing and in person. He’s also willing to take risks and push the limits – which is critical in a world where you have to rise above the noise.”

David Darmanin
Founder & CEO, Hotjar

“A talented, passionate writer with particular gifts in long copy and content…”

oanna Wiebe Copyhackers & Airstory

“Brian’s a talented, passionate writer with particular gifts in long copy and content. When you’re looking for a copywriter focused on highlighting your value – not selling hype – hire Brian.”

Joanna Wiebe
Co-Founder of Airstory & Creator of Copy Hackers

“Wit and clarity, along with a keen ability to find leverage in a model…”

Sam Mallikarjunan HubSpot

“I’ve worked with Brian on several projects. None of them were easily understood audiences, and most of them we barely understood the business model. Brian cuts through the noise and creates copy that that converts. Wit and clarity, along with a keen ability to find leverage in a model, make Brian an indispensable resource to my growth campaigns.”

Sam Mallikarjunan
Executive Strategist at HubSpot, PDP Instructor at Harvard University

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* All of the above testimonials are written by real people who really like me (or, at least liked me at some point. Or, maybe they hated ME but liked my WORK). Also, if you DO NOT like me – please click here.